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I have written stories and essays or articles since I was a child, but when the pressures of being a wife and mother and running a business became too demanding, the writing almost stopped.  As the children gained their independence and flew the nest I picked up my pen again, although by now it was a keyboard and computer instead of a pen  I have written a few play scripts for local organisations, which have been performed, and have had some magazine articles published.  I have several books of short stories for young children, with the same central characters in each, waiting to be published this year.

My two published books so far this year are Alone, and The Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

My first book, Alone - the thoughts and feelings of a new widow, is 24 pages revealing how I coped with - or survived - the   first few months after the loss of my husband. It was first published in parts as a blog, but the reaction from other widows encouraged me to publish this book. It will strike a chord with anyone who has lost a dearly loved partner in life, and they will understand that they are not the only ones to feel as they do, and they can talk about it. 

It is listed on Amazon, but even I can't find it there, so if you want to buy a copy it will be easier go go to Ebay and enter it in the search bar, or get it direct from me direct (the cheapest option).  The price is £2.99 plus £1.60 post and packing. 

*** The book is also available from Newington Pharmacy and Post Office, on Newington High Street, so if you are visiting, or passing through Newington (thats the Newington near Sittinbourne,Kent), you can pop in there for your copy of the book - and maybe buy something else at the same time.***

My second book which has just been published, is all about the 12th century church in the village of Newington neear Sittingbourne in Kent.
This book has more photos than text summarises the history and/or details of the photos on each page.

I spent hours in the church taking the photos, then editing them, then reading and researching.  I think it was all worth it because I am very pleased with this book.

It is not listed on Amazon yet, but if you want to buy a copy then  go to Ebay and enter it in the search bar, or get it from me direct (the cheapest option).  The price is £2.99 plus £1.60 post and packing.

It will also be for sale at the church during National Heritage Open Days in September - Saturday 10th from 10.00 am to 12 noon and Sunday 11th from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.

My previously published books, are shown below.  They are currently out of print but I am hoping to re-issue Thoughts in Flight under a different format and title later this year.  It will be ready for Christmas.

Carboneras - Through my Camera
is a photo tour of a Spanish fishing village.

I lived in the village for nearly five years, but this book covers only two of those years. 

Written in English but the photos can be appreciated in any language.

All my own work - text, photography, layout and design, but professionally printed.
Thoughts in Flight
is a book of poems and rhymes illustrated with photos taken by me, some of which have been made into page backgrounds.

These poems were written over many years while living in Zimbabwe, Spain and England, on a variety of subjects.

All my own work, including layout and design but professionally printed.

Thanks for looking at my new website, which is still being developed

You can also find me on the net at Zamiks Attic.

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